Actress Gal Gadot, who has been receiving a lot of appreciation for her stellar performance in her recent release ‘Wonder Woman 1984’ recently opened up about her superhero character featuring in Dwayne Johnson’s ‘Black Adam’.

Gadot and Johnson, who have teamed up in Fast & the Furious franchise earlier will soon be teaming up for an upcoming project which will also feature Ryan Reynolds in a pivotal role.

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After delay due to the coronavirus outbreak, Prashanth Neel wrapped up the shoot of KGF: Chapter 2 on Sunday in Hyderabad.

KGF 2 stars Yash and Sanjay Dutt in the lead roles :

The popularity of 2018 Kannada drama ‘KGF: Chapter 1’ was so immense that the film was dubbed in several languages. It turned out as a massive hit in all languages, and it raised the expectations for its sequel. Now, ‘KGF: Chapter 2’ has been made simultaneously in different languages, and the much-expected teaser of the sequel is expected to be unveiled on the lead star Yash’s birthday on January 8 at 10:18 AM. …

The story of how a Soviet satellite state undertook one of the most ambitious construction projects of the 20th century

The Romanian Palace of the Parliament in Bucharest. Source: Wikicommons

Countries have always used grand building projects to showcase their power. Throughout history, and even today, initiating and completing a grand project is one of the biggest shows of power a country could perform. The completion of such a project successfully proves two things to the world. …

An example for data scientists who believe they don’t need to know C++

Photo by Saffu on Unsplash

There are millions of reasons to love Python (especially for data scientists). But how is Python different from more professional low-level programming languages like C or C++? I guess this is a question that many data scientists or Python users asked or will ask themselves one day. There are many differences between Python and languages like C++. For this article, I am going to show you how fast C++ is compared to Python with a super simple example.

Nature is mysterious and unpredictable, and often leaves us open-mouthed at the inexplicable manifestations of its power. Though you may think moving rocks and blood-coloured rain is some sort of joke or miraculous occurrence, science has an explication for (almost) everything.

From our point of view, Mother Nature continues to be a fascinating mystery. So let’s take a look at eight of the most amazing natural phenomena.

1. Northern Lights, Iceland

An aurora, sometimes referred to as polar lights, northern lights, or southern lights, is a natural light display in the Earth’s sky, predominantly seen in high-latitude regions (around the Arctic and Antarctic).


Planes are a very fast means of transport from one place to another discovered by scientists. All major cities have an airport to travel from one place to another. Not all planes are in the last hangar of life. Some are seen lying in abandoned places. Today we are going to highlight some abandoned plane incidents in this article.

IL2 plane

Many planes flew during World War II and could not return. And even 70 years later, those planes are still not found. And some of them have been found from very incredible places. One such example was found a…

Hello friends, welcome to this channel. Friends have given history to human civilization some of the books that show us the way today. Let us keep these books as holy books. These books can also be said to be a way of survival for people of different races and religions. These books usually contain knowledge and advice. But in addition to these books, there are some books in the world that are considered very mysterious. There is some information in these books that we ordinary people do not know that will be good for us.


This book is also known as Devils Bible. This book is believed to have been written in the thirteenth century. One man was executed today by the Czech Republic and then by the king of Bohemia for some wrongdoing. But before the execution, the man said that if the execution was not carried out, he would write a book that would benefit their kingdom, and the king would give it a day. Then the king gave him all the material to write a book but still it is impossible to write a book in one night. The man then called…

Looking for ways to boost your immune system? Try some of these key strategies.

Whether you’re concerned about contracting a specific illness or you simply want to stay as healthy as possible to allow you to care for your family, continue to work, and enjoy your partner’s company as often as possible, boosting your immune system has a number of important benefits. Looking for ways to boost your immune system? Try some of these key strategies.

As your stress levels rise, your immune system often suffers a corresponding drop. Self-care, however, can help decrease your stress levels and bring your…

How a stray cat brought a very real solution to my sleep problem.

pic via istock photos

Those who challenged her would die.

Those who dared be small were marked to die. Those who were small, and dared come near her, were already dead.

Her worldview was not clouded; it had purity. It was unadulterated.

She cared nothing of movies, nothing of gossip.

Friends, love, compassion, kindness — all weak, offensively petty notions.

Mercy, merely a roadblock to her brutal whims.

Patience, only to prolong death, a luxury that came at the time of her choosing.

Where violence necessitates intelligence, she stood above all others. Where mercy demands judgment, she was jury and executioner.

Within the chaos…

Hello friends, welcome to our page. Hope you are well. Today we are discussing a topic that is very mysterious. The sea carries a lot of mysteries and we can see them through the camera. Today we will discuss some of the mysterious sea animals caught on . google earth

First there is the giant centipede .

The creature was captured via satellite image of google earth . Which was taken from space. This animal looks very big and about one hundred and twenty meters long. When the video was posted on YouTube, there was a lot of fuss on…

Mystery story and News

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